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What is Core Postural Alignment?

Core Postural Alignment is a philosophy and practice which seeks to help restore and maintain the Physiological Efficient Posture, in order to allow the body to express its maximum potential.


What do you mean by "maximum potential"?

Each  human being has their own unique blend of potentials pre-programmed by genetic heritage long before birth. These include such factors as the capacity to see and hear, the capacity for eye to hand coordination, the capacity to think clearly, to remember, to reason, to organise thoughts, to solve problems, the capacity to resist disease and recover from injuries, the capacity for balanced emotional response, for humour, for love.

These are but a few examples of the many potentials and capacities inherent within the individual.


What has the Physiological Efficient Posture got to do with expressing potential?

Loss of the Physiological Efficient Posture may affect the position of the bones of the skull, spine and pelvis. These bones protect the central nervous system, which is the body's control pathway to organs, glands and other body parts. It has been shown that tiny misalignments of these bones, which we call derrangements, can interfere with normal nervous impulses to and from the brain, and thereby disrupt the harmonious interaction of body parts. Because some of the disturbed glands and organs manufacture body chemicals the totality of the biochemistry is thus disturbed. This disturbance in the balance of the body's chemistry affects every physical, mental and emotional aspect of life and interferes with the expression of full potential.


Are you saying that internal changes in body chemistry, caused by derrangements, can affect such mental factors as mood or memory or creative ability?

Of course. We have only to think of the physical, emotional and mental changes that can result from alcohol, drugs and medicines to realise how important body chemistry is to all functions. When body chemistry is disturbed either by adding chemicals from the outside, or by changing what the body manufactures from the inside, the result always affects every aspect of life.


How does Core Postural Alignment correct these derrangements?

Core Postural Alignment, itself, does not really correct the derrangements; the body has its own spinal muscles to do that. Unfortunately, the spinal muscles are often too busy doing something else. It is this "something else" that Core Postural Alignment addresses, allowing the muscles to do the job they are supposed to do.


Is Core Postural Alignment a form of chiropractic or osteopathy?

Absolutely not! There are no bony manipulations involved at all. Core Postural Alignment solely uses a unique muscle relaxation technique to restore the Physiological Efficient Posture.


Does it hurt?

No it is very gentle and relaxing. Often people fall asleep while it is being done.


Is Core Postural Alignment safe?

Yes. There are no contra-indications to receiving the treatment. There are, however, some times when caution is required. Practitioners are well trained to know when intervention from another health professional is required.


How do I know if I have lost the Physiological Efficient Posture?

Most of the time you don't. It is true that some derrangements may produce pain or muscle spasm, but most do not. The only way to be sure is to have an assessment by a trained and certified Core Postural Alignment practitioner.


How does a Core Postural Alignment practitioner know what to do?

They are trained in assessing you for postural distortion by standing you in front of a plumb line, and by other means horizontal reference point.. The exact form that this distortion takes determines how the alignment technique is applied.


What particular physical, mental or emotion conditions respond to Core Postural Alignment?

Core Postural Alignment is not a treatment for any condition or an attempt to cure any disease.  What we can say is that Core Postural Alignment is particularly safe and gentle and has helped people with:-

Ankylosing Spondylitis, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Back Pain, Balance Problems, Breathing Impairment, Depression, Digestive Problems, Fatigue, Foot Problems, Frozen Shoulders, Headaches, Insomnia, Jaw Problems, Joint Pain, Knee Problems, Kyphosis, Learning and Behavioural Difficulties, Lordosis, Low Energy, Menstrual Problems, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Neck Pain, Pins and Needles, Poor Posture, Problems during and after Pregnancy, Recurrent Infections, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Scoliosis, Sciatica, Sinus Problems, Sports Injuries, Stress Management, Tension, Visual Disturbances, Wellness Care, Whiplash Injuries and more.

Core Postural Alignment is primarily concerned with creating a healthy, balanced state on all levels by helping people back towards homœostasis.

It, therefore, has the potential to help people with almost any condition.


What causes the loss of the Physiological Efficient Posture?

Almost any fall or accident could cause the loss. So could poor postural habits, physical or emotional stress, malnutrition, dehydration, surgery, physical exertion, or any one of a dozen other things. In fact, almost everyone loses their Physiological Efficient Posture at some time or other, often in childhood. Unless it is restored we spend our entire life being less than we could be.


Can CPA be combined with other therapies?

I have found that clients have benefitted by combining CPA with Bowen or Dorn; either carried out at the same time or within the same week.  The combination therapies complement one another very well.


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How do I find out more?

To learn more or book an appointment, contact me today!

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