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About Dorn

A gentle and safe therapy for back, neck and joint pain

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"It's amazing!  I feel like my head is straighter and that I am walking better too!  More please!!"  

J. Payne Northampton

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What is “The Dorn Method”?


The Dorn Method is a manual complementary therapy discovered by Dieter Dorn around 40 years ago.  Dorn is a manual complemenary therapy that is used to address back, neck and joint pain. Today Dorn is gradually spreading throughout the world. It is widely used in Germany, where it originated and has been here in the UK for around 10years.


The Therapy is very gentle and safe and aims to realign the spine and other

joints into their correct positions.  Dorn uses the dynamic movement of the

client working together with the therapist who uses gentle thumb or hand

pressure to ease joints back into place. This approach is unique and does

not cause undue stress to the client’s soft tissues or joints. Unlike other

therapies which employ manipulation, there are no sudden jerky

movements, crunching or clicking that some clients dislike.


Your Dorn Method session usually finishes with a “Breuss” massage. Unlike

conventional massage, this massage is carried out along the spine. This

complements the corrections performed previously and helps to relax,

nourish and invigorate the spine.








Bowen Technique and Dorn Method in combination


For some clients, it has been found that using both Bowen and Dorn in the

same treatment session is a very effective combination. Clients with back and neck

problems and issues like sciatica, for example, seem to respond very well and

usually quite quickly when treated with these two therapies.  Bowen moves

are done first then followed by the appropriate Dorn moves.


Bowen is very effective for helping muscles,  tendons and fascia to relax and

soften thus allowing any misaligned vertebrae to slip easily back into place

using the gentle corrections of Dorn. All the usual after care advice is the same

and in particular, it is recommended to take it easy for a few days and not do

any sport or over exert oneself.


A session using this combination of therapies takes a little longer, allow approximately

1.5 hours . For pricing, click here.


For Dorn FAQs, click here.  Read a DORN article


To book your Dorn appointment, contact me today.


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