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Learn more about Core Postural Alignment (CPA)

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"I've been coming to Sarah for Bowen due to years of abuse to my body through work and play, This was already having a great effect and after 3 sessions I was able to stop taking my daily pain relief as it was now more manageable. Then I started having CPA.  I noticed straight away that my posture had improved immensely and after 2 sessions my breathing has improved. We've also noticed the vertebrae that kept misaligning in my back now stays in place which relieves a lot of the pain and tension. Also my overall level of pain has dropped further since the CPA and I've gained an extra inch in height which is great!"       C. Cooper

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About CPA



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What is Core Postural Alignment (CPA)?


CPA is a method of postural correction developed in the 1920's by 2 chiropractors. It took 15 years of work to perfect the technique. It has since been refined and improved by other Chiropractors, who are the profession that tend to practice it.


The technique is a non-force, soft tissue treatment which solely uses muscle relaxation to address the postural muscles and assist the body to employ its own self healing ability.  Visit my FAQ page to learn more.


Any stress, whether it be physical, emotional, mental , chemical or nutritional can create an imbalance at the body’s centre of gravity. These stressors can create postural distortion which will affect the normal functioning and self repair mechanisms of the body.


Core postural Alignment aims to correct the body’s postural distortion by correcting the centre of gravity.  The technique is very safe and gentle and has been observed to help people with the following presentations:


Ankylosing Spondylitis, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back pain, balance problems, breathing problems, depression, digestive problems, fatigue, foot problems, frozen shoulder,headaches, insomnia, jaw problems, joint pain, knee problems, Kyphosis, Lordosis, menstrual problems, migraines, MS, neck pain, pins and needles, poor posture, recurrent infections, RSI, Scoliosis, Sciatica, sinus problems, sports injuries, stress management, wellness care, whiplash and many more.


CPA does not treat or cure any disease or symptom, it is concerned with creating a healthy balanced state on all levels. It has the potential to help people with almost any condition.












What happens during a CPA session?


Prior to each CPA treatment session, measurements are taken at the plumb line to establish the degree of postural distortion.


Measurements are taken posteriorly (from the back) and laterally (from the side).  In all, 5 different points are marked on the body and are measured against the plumb line. These points are recorded before each session and also marked on a graph.


Plotting the points on a graph gives a visual representation of progress and clearly shows how the posture is changing. Even those with quite marked postural distortions can improve with weekly CPA sessions.


Measurements are also taken after a treatment and recorded in the client’s file in the form of a graph. The important measurements are the ones taken before a treatment as this gives a truer picture of the current posture. A treatment session will change the posture straight away.  However, the body will take a few days to settle and adjust so readings will be different again when measured next time.




"After a couple of weeks of a niggle that started in my neck/shoulder and gradually became more painful I went to my GP who suggested a strained muscle and a course of Ibuprofen. A few days after this I had a sudden back spasm which caused a constant pain which was difficult to describe.

I was told by a colleague about Bowen Therapy and they recommended I contact Sarah to assess the problem. I left after my first treatment in much less pain and after a further 3-4 visits I am able to say I have not had any further problem. It's really interesting but difficult to explain. I am now following this up with a series of Core Postural Alignment sessions which again I wasn't too sure what to expect. Having had 3 sessions now I am interested to see the changes in alignment of the points on my chart and how this progresses over the next few sessions."

Jen- Northampton (aged 43)




Visit my FAQ page to learn more about Core Postural Alignment.


CPA and Bowen Therapy in combination


Many clients have experienced great benefits from the combination of CPA and Bowen Therapy.  Contact me to learn more.


For CPA prices, click here.


To book your CPA appointment, contact me today.


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