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Learn more about Natural Lift Facial Massage

Gentle, relaxing and uplifting

Natural Lift

Facial Massage 

facial massage
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This deeply relaxing facial massage works on many different levels and employs a blend of 4  techniques; Japanese face massage, Indian face massage, Acupressure and facial Reflexology.  The result is a massage that has many benefits.


Natural Lift facial massage can help to:



Relax the muscles of the face, neck and head so activating the Parasympathetic nervous system and


         putting the whole body into a state of Relaxation. This can help to relieve stress symptoms like insomnia

         and headaches.



Improve the circulation in the facial tissues and help to tone the muscles improving the appearance of sagging skin and fine lines.




Assist in Lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and aid the removal of toxins from the cells helping to maintain a fresh and youthful appearance.




Repair and rebalance the condition of the skin and assist in removing dead skin cells .




Can also help with sinus issues.



A series of 4 sessions, a week apart, is recommended for optimum



INTRODUCTORY PRICE -  £30 per session (normal price £45).


To book your Natural Lift Facial Massage appointment, contact me 



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