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"A wonderfully, soothing and relaxing therapy""

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"Just to let you know I'm feeling fantastic now. Thank you for the Bowen sessions.  I feel so great and feel I got my life back. :)"

Jen. C.  Northampton


"My whole body definitely feels more relaxed and I can move my neck much more freely than before, and my lower back feels so free, so thank you.  I very much and really look forward to my next Bowen treatment".

Janine H, South Northants


"...some 4 hours after my last visit the pain in my knee disappeared and, barring the odd twinge, has not come back. It still

feels like something in there is not quite right but the result from my last visit was astonishing!"

Bruce S, Bucks


"I approached the Bowen practitioner following a car accident which had left me with on-going whiplash pain. I'd had no experience of the Bowen technique and hadn't even heard of it but was interested to try an alternative therapy. I found the treatment very gentle, relaxing and very effective. It almost immediately relieved the pain and having had about 4 sessions I can now say the pain is significantly reduced. It has removed the constant ache in my neck which was quite debilitating at times.  I would definitely recommend it."

Sarah S.  South Northants.


"After years of treatments of various different kinds for neck and lower back problems, I have been having Bowen treatment from Sarah McConnell. I haven't felt this good in years it has made a huge difference to my life."

Sophie B, South Northants.


"Since we started Bowen with Sarah 4 weeks ago, the difference in Seb has been unbelievable.  The main benefit for us has been the release in his hamstrings and achilles,  Seb has Cerebral Palsy and got his diagnoses at birth; he doesn’t walk or stand and we are always on the lookout for different things to try and help him,  4 years ago he had major surgery in the USA and since then we’ve had input from a variety of different professionals.  Seb absolutely loves his hour with Sarah, I think it’s the only time he feels truly relaxed - due to his condition he is generally tight and tense the majority of the time.  I love seeing Seb after a session of Bowen, you never know what he’s going to come out with!  Generally he gets the giggles and looks visibly relaxed.  It’s a pleasure to see!  Sarah is fab with him and genuinely cares how he’s feeling and how he’s been, it’s such a relaxed atmosphere and she was willing to accommodate his needs."

Amy S, South Northants.


"I have been having Bowen treatment for over a year after suffering a lower back injury.  I've found the treatment beneficial as I now have more pain free days than I had previously.  I understand that it's not a cure but, it has made day-to-day life more


Paul S,  South Northants.


"I am 73 and have led a very active life.  However, 25 years ago I suffered a whiplash injury which left me with lasting stiffness and restricted movement in my neck. Five years ago I had a partial knee replacement following an injury caused by my dog. A year ago last January I had spinal surgery because of an in balance but this also led to other problems over the years. In addition, my Grand -daughter has been extremely ill for the last 5 years and so the stress of this has added to my physical aches and pains.  Sarah was highly recommended to me by a close friend who presented me with some vouchers for Bowen Therapy and said, “You have to go and see Sarah. She is fantastic” and she was right!

I have had just 2 out of 3 treatments so far and i have felt in less pain and totally energised after each treatment. After the last session I rushed off home and spent the rest of the day gardening and doing housework with few problems later in the day. Thank you Sarah, you ARE fantastic!  I am really looking forward to my next treatment."

Cathy T, Buckingham.


"I've always considered myself a fit person but last September after colliding with my 35 kg dog, I suffered a serious injury to my knee and lower leg. All the hospital could do was prescribe pain killers, which did little to help. I turned to Bowen and the improvement was immediate. The pain went and my strength returned to the point where I now feel fitter and stronger than I did before the accident. I will continue to use Sarah's excellent services on an on-going basis.."

Nicola S.


"I started coming for Bowen treatment for my lower back pain and found not only did it alleviate the pain but also gave me an energy boost and the motivation I needed to get on with things. Sarah is a very caring and competent Therapist."

Jean G.


"It's a miracle!" Linda C.


“I had been suffering for a month or so with neck pain when a friend suggested that I gave Bowen a try. I was worried that it would cause me further pain, I couldn’t have been more wrong! The treatment was so gentle and relaxing, after the first session, I was able to move more freely and I actually had a great night's sleep. By my third session I was pain free, relaxed and I could feel a huge improvement in my posture. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others, in fact, I have just booked my Mum her first session with Sarah to help her with ongoing back pain.”

Lisa J.


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