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Case study 1 (3 sessions on shoulder)

A 58 year old lady with a history of Frozen Shoulder which had been a problem for several years.  The shoulder was generally painful; this varied in intensity. The range of movement was reduced by approx 50% in all ranges.  She had stopped playing tennis as a result and was no longer able to do the home decorating or hang out laundry.  After the first Bowen session her shoulder movement was restored to near normal. After the second session she had returned to her normal activities and the pain was just a slight ache. Full range of movement was restored.  She was able to resume tennis playing after the third treatment. Three years later she is still pain free, plays tennis 3-4 times a week and has recently redecorated 2 rooms. The client said about her treatment, “it’s a miracle!”



Case study 2 (6 sessions)

An 84 year old man with severe restriction of neck movement and pain, His GP had diagnosed “Wry neck”.  The movement was minimal and he could barely turn his head.  This had been going  on for over 2 years.  The client had been receiving Physiotherapy, doing neck exercises and taking Cocodamol and a pain relieving gel daily.  There had been little improvement. After the 4th session there was significant improvement in the level of pain and pain relief was reduced considerably to once during that week. The range of movement was restored to approx 80% . The client was finding it a lot easier to turn his head particularly when driving and he could watch TV comfortably.  A year and a half later this has been maintained.



Case study 3 (4 sessions)

A 68 year old lady with a one year history of sciatica. The client had been attending Physiotherapy for several months, doing exercises and taking regular paracetamol.  There had been no improvement.  The pain was at a high level and was often worse at night, affecting her sleep.  There was also a burning pain going down into her foot.  This was affecting mood and energy levels. By the time of the third session there was an overall improvement.  Sleep was good and the pain was gone.  The client had noticed an improvement in her energy levels and mood as well.



Case Study 4 (3 sessions)

A 48 year old woman with a history of upper back, neck and lower back pain, fractured vertebrae (healed), damaged sacral ligaments and re-occuring prolapsed disc.  The client has tried Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, massage and Chiropractic treatments over a protracted number of years.  She was regularly taking pain relief and had been told to learn to live with the levels of pain that also affected mood and sleep.  After three sessions the client was sleeping well, had all but stopped pain relief tablets and had experienced a significant reduction in pain and discomfort.  The client had also experienced a reduction in the number of hot flushes she was experiencing.  The client continues to attend regular “maintenance” sessions on a five weekly basis.



Case Study 5 (3 sessions)

14 Year old male with tight hamstrings causing him to roll his big toe when walking.  This caused heavy wear in this area of his shoes.  Client had previously been given stretching exercises by the podiatrist but had not consistently participated.  After two sessions, on extending the leg 90 degrees from the hip, the hamstring freed up and he was able to straighten his knee completely.  The follow up treatment reinforced this.  Now attends periodical sessions which he finds “keeps him relaxed” when facing examinations.

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Case Studies

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