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What is “MSTR”?


McLoughlin Scar tissue Release, “MSTR”, is a highly effective, non- invasive, gentle and pain free method to treat scars, using fingertip pressure to help free-up and ease restrictions in scar tissue. There is no force and the work is done to the client’s individual tolerance.


The effects of scars on the body are many, including the following:


•Restrictions in the fascia

•Reduction in blood and Lymph flow

•Weaken muscle strength

•Reduce energy flow

•Reduce and inhibit range of movement in joints and limbs

•Cause emotional issues

•Cause pain and discomfort

•Limit function

•Visually unsightly


MSTR  can improve all of the issues above, the changes are observable and permanent, usually only  2-3 sessions are needed to get these changes.


A small Pilot study has recently been carried out by Alastair Mcloughlin, the technique’s creator, in conjunction with a consultant Radiologist. It was observed that MSTR reduced the size and depth of the scar tissue after treatment, when scanned using ultrasound. Further larger studies are being planned.


MSTR is suitable for most types of scars; caesarean scars, burns scars, traumatic injury, surgical scars, internal scarring and fibrous tissue.


MSTR can also be used to improve the symptoms of Plantar fasciitis and other fibrous conditions that are under the surface of the skin and have no visible scarring.


MSTR can be caried out during another treatment session (Bowen/Dorn/CPA) at a small extra cost.


MSTR is not advisable for KELOID scars.  If you have any questions about scar tissue release, feel free to give me a call.




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Reduce and improve the look and feel of

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Scar Tissue Release