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In order to keep both clients and myself safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been necessary to make some changes to the working practices at Bowen4balance. The situation is ever-evolving and there may need to be updates to this policy depending on Government guidelines. To the best of my knowledge this policy is up to date as of today 04/06/20 in terms of Government guidelines in respect of Covid-19.


Information and client screening


Prior to all appointments, (24hrs) as of 6th July (anticipated reopening date), all clients will be contacted by email, if at all possible, and sent a Covid-19 declaration and consent form along with a Bowen4balance Covid-19 information sheet explaining changes that have had to be made to the working environment and how this will affect treatment and appointments.


Clients will be asked to complete and return the screening/consent sheet before their appointment in order to establish if the treatment can go ahead.


If a client has symptoms of Covid-19 or has been in recent contact with someone who has, they will not be able to attend for treatment.  Government guidelines on self isolating and quarantine should apply.


Clients who are shielding (those that fall into the high risk category and have been contacted by the NHS) should not attend for treatment.


Clients falling into the moderate risk category but are not shielding, will need to establish if the benefit of treatment outweighs the risks.


If myself or any members of my household have symptoms of Covid-19, the appointment will be cancelled as soon as possible.


Enhanced cleaning and hygiene


Clients will be asked to use hand sanitiser gel on arrival and departure, this will also be used by myself.


All items of equipment used by a client in the treatment room will be wiped down after use at the end of treatment, this includes, treatment couch, Posturometer, chair, door handles, doorbell, card reader, ruler, pen, plastic box for clients clothing and other possessions, flooring and  bathroom facilities if used.


Removal of non-essential items


Items that are deemed non-essential and are not easily wipeable will be removed from the treatment room for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic while restrictions are in place. This includes towels, blankets, heated couch blanket, pillows, leaflets, magazines, floor coverings(mats/rugs).


Clients will be asked to bring their own items e.g, blanket, towel, pillow, drink, pen.


Items provided by Bowen4balance during a treatment will be disinfected or laundered after each use.




It is not currently clear if the wearing of PPE will be essential on reopening. However, this is highly likely and it is assumed that the following items will need to be worn by myself: face mask, apron, rubber gloves for cleaning items and removing any used couch roll, if used. Clients will be asked to wear a face mask.  These will be provided if the client is unable to bring their own.


Disposal of PPE


All used items of PPE, couch roll, tissues etc. will be placed in a lidded bin, double bagged and sealed and disposed of in accordance with local council refuse collection rules.


Laundered items


Items of clothing worn by myself or any towels/pillowcases used during a treatment will be laundered at 60c after each treatment


Reduced appointment availability


There will be reduced appointment times available to take into account the additional cleaning and laundering needed and to ensure clients have plenty of time to leave before the next appointment is due. Clients are asked to attend alone with the exception of children under 16 who should attend with a parent or guardian if from the same household.


Changes to available therapies


With the exception of Facial massage, all other treatments are available. This treatment will not be available for the duration of the Pandemic and subsequent restrictions.


Change to cancellation policy


The 50% late cancellation fee will not apply if the cancellation relates to Covid-19.




Payment is requested by bank transfer prior to treatment or by card. A card reader is available.


Client information


Client screening and consent forms will be printed off and stored manually along with any other paper records and not stored electronically.

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